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Anita purple Dress joshua retreat 2011edgedMay/June Tarot Forecast and Learning Moment

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May: 10 of Cups. Happiness, contentment, love is there for  you if you seek it. Celebration. Perhaps a new addition to the family.

June :7 of Pentacles. Money or favors owed are coming but will be delayed. Have patience.


May: Death. A new beginning is coming. It is a change you have striven for and now is possible.

June:4 of Pentacles. Money and abundance that you can actually keep is there for you. Handle it well.


May:8 of Wands. A lot of activity, action, and excitement coming your way--fast. Be prepared.

June: Page of Wands. Time to think about your future and what you need to do in order to have what you want. Don't act yet but form a good plan.


May:6 of Pentacles. If you need help, it is there for you. If you have abundance and others need help, it is time to do so.

June: 4 of Swords. Time to seek out peace and tranquility. Your soul needs a rest..


May: 2 of Swords. An important decision is coming up. Follow your heart more than your head.

June:10 of Wands. A lot of effort has been put into a project or goal. YOu are nearing completion. Hang in there and keep the momentum going.


May: 7 of Wands. Although things might have been tough, you are in a winning position. Don't give up now..

June: The Moon. Introspection about the balance in your life will help you go beyond former boundaries.


May: Queen of Pentacles. You are more powerful than you believe. Focus and strong intent will create something wonderful. Thios is also a card that invites you to an energy modality attunement, i.e. Re Hu Tek, Reiki, or your choice.

June: The Devil. Think long and hard about what you need to let go of in your mind, emotions, beliefs, and social life to be free of toxic ilnfluences. You can do this and it will be easier than you think.


May: 9 of Pentacles. Abundance and comfort are yours. Any lack is caused by your lack of belief in yourself. Seek ways to change how you relate to money and life will be better. 

June: The Fool. Now is not the time to question. Now is the time to trust in the Universe and act, even if you don't have all the facts.


May: 10 of Swords. Mental burdens are being lifted Darkeness iln your life is moving toward light. Embrace it and move into your joy.

June: Temperance. Let go of rigid thinking and ways of living. The time for balance and flexibility are here. It might be hard, but it is the way to happiness..


May:Ace of Wands. Surprise. New opportunities to change your life are coming. New ideas, systems, ways of living, or a new home, business, or even a trip could be coming your way.

June: King of Pentacles. Whatever abundance you have is safe. Any business dealings or investments should have a better chance of paying off now.


May: Tower. Big Change that you have not foreseen is coming. Let go of holding on to the past or present way of doing things. THis is an uncomfortable change but your life will change for the better because of it.

June: Strength. Triumph over adversity. You find it easier and easier to operate out of divine consciuoness now. Your past efforts in spirituality are coming into play.


May: 8 of Pentacles. Any new business venture now will be as successful as the effort you put into it. Independent means of bringing in money will come to you now..

June: You are ready to move on to the next level with your ideas, but you doubt. YOu don't have to know everything about your subject, just enought to be effective and helpful. Learn as you go.