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Over the last 20 years I have studied relationships in various venues and helped numerous clients with relationship issues. The one thing I have learned from my experiences and training is that a great relationship is built on being a best friend. Of course there is the need of attraction, but deep and lasting love grows from friendship. The essence of a best friend is where there is trust, great communication, acceptance, being trustworthy,no judgement, shared humor, being genuine, loving you for you, forgiveness, mutual support, and shared interests and values. When these qualities are present in a relationship not only does the friendship grow but also a unshakable bond of love.

Take a look at your relationships, is there anywhere in your life that fits that criteria? Hopefully you can say your partner. If some of those elements are not present in the current relationship this would be a time to work together to build a stronger bond around all the aspects of a great friendship. 

My personal resolution for 2016 is to manifest and develop this best friend that is a lasting love relationship.