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Recently I've been reading about people who are living past 100 years and their attitudes and lifestyles. What  I get from those studies is their love of who you are, and  the fact they celebrate their uniqueness. This got me thinking about my own life and how to learn from  their examples. I realized it is important is to live using my talents and gifts, plus to be passionate about using those abilities. Like many other people  I spent many years testing the waters, working at and learning various occupations. After all this self-examination and experimentation it has become pretty clear to me what I really do love and where my gifts lie, as I will explain in the next couple  paragraphs it is all about communication.

I have been in the metaphysical spiritual world learning various and practicing many different modalities for over 25 years.  Sifting through all of that I now isolate my passions and where I want to use my training and gifts, but into a very limited range. 

My primary gift is communication,and using the gift through various outlets.  I enjoy using this gift in  teaching, coaching, and inspiring others. I also discovered a passion for the Law of Attraction, which I enjoy teaching and helping people recognize what they are manifesting really will happen and how to speed up the process.

To reach the full potential  of all we want to create and manifest, it most be done from a place of unconditional love/appreciation. When we reach the vibrational equivalent of those two states we align ourselves with the Source of what we want. Part of my mission is help you raise your vibration to that level.

Spirit uses my gift for  channeling as a Medium to get messages from "dead people". I believe these messages  inspire the living to live a richer life. In the same vein, I have been gifted the ability to read people's past lives.

I love my gift as a claircognizance, the ability to read people's souls and essences. I find a great deal of satisfaction helping them discover their purposes, and their emotional strengths and weaknesses. I also receive keen insights on their significant others.

I have also always been interested in why people limit themselves from living a full and joyful lives. Through my study that started with  hypnotherapy I've discovered the keys to why we develop the beliefs that limit us. 

 Using Spirit guided meditation with hypnotherapy techniques I help people discover the beliefs that are holding them back and then assist them in changing  those believes while in a deep meditative state.

I encourage you to exam your lives, see if you are following your purpose and then make the adjustments to live a more passionate life. If can help you with any of my talents I highlighted, please contact me. I would love to explain how could be in service to you.