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So you want to be successful? Not writing about just money, but also the feeling that you are making a difference. Then have a great idea that solves a problem. Did you get what I mean, have a great idea that makes life easier for other people. Have an idea that helps others be successful. That is step one, have a great idea. 

Then surround yourself with at least one other person who believes in your idea and partner.

Actually a team of two is much better than three or more. One reason it reduces conflict and helps focus. Silent partners are cool too, as in supportive mate. That is step two. Warning on this step. Stay away from people who are negative about your idea, especially those friends and family members who wish they had an idea for success.

Have a plan, yes, the dreaded business plan. Keep it simple at first. Nothing worse than the 

“paralysis by analysis”.  A mentor at this point might be a good idea. That was step three. Easy so far?

Action time. You got a plan, go for it! This where trust in the Universe (God) comes into play. You have a great idea, so trust that what you need will come to you when you need it!

Ready for the last step? Have some fun. This should be fun, a passion of your’s. It is play time, enjoy creating your idea. 

The idea!

So where do ideas come from? They come from inspiration. The Universe gives you the ideas, that mystical place we're all great ideas come from. 

How to get inspired? First you need to get quiet, shut down the noise. Turn off the electronics, turn off the noisy friends and family. Go meditate, take a walk in nature. Your job now is to ask  that mystical magical place for a great idea. Be patient it will come.

Now that you have an idea put the plan in motion.

If you need any help if the idea or plan let me know. It is my job as an Intuitive Coach to help you connect with answers from the mystical magic Universe.