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George's Blogs

Introducing myself to The Messenger.


Greetings my name is George GomondDesert

I have the privilege of joining the long history of The Messenger as the new editor and publisher.
My goal is keep The Messenger on course with the same general purpose of presenting informative and inspiring writings. 
I value certain types of content that I want to present on The Messenger:
I want to keep the information current, by updating material on a regular basis. If not daily, at least weekly I will be presenting something new.
I want to inject humor as much as possible into the content.
My emphasis will be on articles on spirituality, holistic healing, and political themes as they relate to conscious living. My primary interest is presenting articles on how love is the healing energy of the planet. I am requesting any new articles that fall within those guidelines.

Thoughts for the day October 17, 2015

Just do it

It should start your day
It should end your day
Greet everyone you know with it
Greet everyone you don't know with it
Greet your enemy with it
Greet Your best friend with it
Greet your lover with it
Greet your ex-lover with it
Let it light up your heart
And light up the hearts of others
Love flows to it and I love flows from it
A Smile is a simple gesture with intense meaning
A smile can make your day and the day of another
Smile when you're happy and smile when you're sad
Smile when you're depressed and smile when you're feeling joy
Smile when you have the blues and smile when you’re  in ecstasy
Smile when you want your soul to connect to the  Divine
Let smiles change your thoughts from negative to positive
How about just smiling all the time

My Mission

When life passes you a gauntlet, you either take it and run with it or set it down for various reasons. I was passed a gauntlet over ten years ago, but because of  fears, I  would start to run with it then set it down for periods of time.

My call to action was "heal the planet with the power of love". I was one of millions who received this calling. Many have courageously carried out their assignment and began the healing process. I believe that there are many like myself who started off with great intentions but put down the gauntlet. 

The call from my higher self never stops nagging at me to pick it up and run. That inner knowing keeps pushing this assignment in the forefront of my consciousness. 

I have struggled the last few years not knowing my specific purpose. I have grasped at different ways to use my gifts and training to benefit humanity as directed by Source. Each particular avenue  that I explored has  lead to either dead ends or paths too narrow to traverse.

In a moment of quiet reflection and meditation I once again asked what is my purpose at this point in this life. The answer poured back to me "heal the planet with love". I once again stand at the gate ready to carry that gauntlet, willing to be shown how to administer the healing power of love. How this path will unfold is not clear to me at this time. I do know that this work will continue to be the center point of my activities, I do know I will be shown how and to whom this healing will be applied.

To my friends and clients I make an oath to answer your questions; give you guidance, coach you, in  areas of your life that need attention, using love. The healing power of love is capable of addressing your emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds. Through the application of the vibration of love manifesting your hearts desires becomes a guaranteed process.

Allow me the opportunity to help you with your personal healing through the healing power of love as I am directed by Spirit. 

Thoughts for 05/02/2016

Recently I've been reading about people who are living past 100 years and their attitudes and lifestyles. What  I get from those studies is their love of who you are, and  the fact they celebrate their uniqueness. This got me thinking about my own life and how to learn from  their examples. I realized it is important is to live using my talents and gifts, plus to be passionate about using those abilities. Like many other people  I spent many years testing the waters, working at and learning various occupations. After all this self-examination and experimentation it has become pretty clear to me what I really do love and where my gifts lie, as I will explain in the next couple  paragraphs it is all about communication.

I have been in the metaphysical spiritual world learning various and practicing many different modalities for over 25 years.  Sifting through all of that I now isolate my passions and where I want to use my training and gifts, but into a very limited range. 

My primary gift is communication,and using the gift through various outlets.  I enjoy using this gift in  teaching, coaching, and inspiring others. I also discovered a passion for the Law of Attraction, which I enjoy teaching and helping people recognize what they are manifesting really will happen and how to speed up the process.

To reach the full potential  of all we want to create and manifest, it most be done from a place of unconditional love/appreciation. When we reach the vibrational equivalent of those two states we align ourselves with the Source of what we want. Part of my mission is help you raise your vibration to that level.

Spirit uses my gift for  channeling as a Medium to get messages from "dead people". I believe these messages  inspire the living to live a richer life. In the same vein, I have been gifted the ability to read people's past lives.

I love my gift as a claircognizance, the ability to read people's souls and essences. I find a great deal of satisfaction helping them discover their purposes, and their emotional strengths and weaknesses. I also receive keen insights on their significant others.

I have also always been interested in why people limit themselves from living a full and joyful lives. Through my study that started with  hypnotherapy I've discovered the keys to why we develop the beliefs that limit us. 

 Using Spirit guided meditation with hypnotherapy techniques I help people discover the beliefs that are holding them back and then assist them in changing  those believes while in a deep meditative state.

I encourage you to exam your lives, see if you are following your purpose and then make the adjustments to live a more passionate life. If can help you with any of my talents I highlighted, please contact me. I would love to explain how could be in service to you.

Thoughts on success


So you want to be successful? Not writing about just money, but also the feeling that you are making a difference. Then have a great idea that solves a problem. Did you get what I mean, have a great idea that makes life easier for other people. Have an idea that helps others be successful. That is step one, have a great idea. 

Then surround yourself with at least one other person who believes in your idea and partner.

Actually a team of two is much better than three or more. One reason it reduces conflict and helps focus. Silent partners are cool too, as in supportive mate. That is step two. Warning on this step. Stay away from people who are negative about your idea, especially those friends and family members who wish they had an idea for success.

Have a plan, yes, the dreaded business plan. Keep it simple at first. Nothing worse than the 

“paralysis by analysis”.  A mentor at this point might be a good idea. That was step three. Easy so far?

Action time. You got a plan, go for it! This where trust in the Universe (God) comes into play. You have a great idea, so trust that what you need will come to you when you need it!

Ready for the last step? Have some fun. This should be fun, a passion of your’s. It is play time, enjoy creating your idea. 

The idea!

So where do ideas come from? They come from inspiration. The Universe gives you the ideas, that mystical place we're all great ideas come from. 

How to get inspired? First you need to get quiet, shut down the noise. Turn off the electronics, turn off the noisy friends and family. Go meditate, take a walk in nature. Your job now is to ask  that mystical magical place for a great idea. Be patient it will come.

Now that you have an idea put the plan in motion.

If you need any help if the idea or plan let me know. It is my job as an Intuitive Coach to help you connect with answers from the mystical magic Universe. 

Random thoughts for 05/05/2016

Random thoughts for the day.

Isn't it interesting that we spend more time worrying about the things that we don't have then the times we spend appreciating what we do have.

Along this same line of thinking, we focus and worry about the things that we can't change in the world instead of spending time appreciating the beauty in the world.

I have noticed that spiritual people,including myself, have a tendency to show a lack of faith in something greater than ourselves. We talk about our higher selves and our spiritual connections but our daily actions reflect a lack of trust. I am the first to raise my hand in agreement. We have  a tendency to allow ourselves to be ego driven not soul driven.

There is a simple solution. Turn over the wheel of your life to your higher power/your soul or for my Christian friends turn over the wheel to Jesus. Then get in the backseat of your limo of life and have some fun. Make all you do fun and play, while you give your future and dreams to your limo driver.

Smile, laugh,love, and play.


Life Purpose

 In the last few days, I have focused my radio show on living one's life purpose. While examining this  subject; on how to find your life purpose and get clarity on your life purpose, I have unturned an important fact.

If one is living their life purpose fully and with passion, all that you've ever wanted and tried to manifest will flow to them. Living in the vibration of your life purpose creates a vibrational connection to  the creative vibrations of the universe. In that state of alignment you create the flow of  all good to you. If it is money, relationships, good health, love, or well being you want; living your  your passionate purpose creates the  environment for manifesting those desires.

Thinking about my own life  and what gave me one of my greatest amounts of satisfaction it was the  opportunities to mentor people in the business world. Watching and assisting others take on responsibilities and find their path was an incredible rewarding for me.

At this stage in my life, after all I have learned and the gifts from Spirit I have developed I am more aware of the purpose I am  passionate about.

My focus going forward is to use all my training and spiritual gifts to inspire, coach, mentor, to assist others find and live their passionate life purpose. More than just finding it, there is also removing any blocks that may have kept you from fully achieving that purpose and identifying where you can best use  purpose. Even when you have identified and are living your purpose you get off track and need to be inspired to take your purpose to the next level. 

I am dedicating my gifts as a Channel: clairvoyance, clairaudience, medium, and Claire cognizance to this purpose. I also have the capacity  to read your past lives, which I find very beneficial in identifying and clarifying your life purpose. Also in my tool bag, to assist you in this quest, is my training as a Hypnotherapist and leading channel meditations.

We are all here to live inspired,playful,and happy lives.