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The Juke Box Response

I realized that this story was an excellent example of how groups divide over emotionally hot issues. When we do not think through an issue before we speak, we run the risk of confusing real issues with emotionally charged opinion...and, what is worse, emotional charged opinions of others––opinions we have not rationally thought through to know if they are, in fact, what we truly believe.

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Using Seeds

Your body, mind and spirit need replenishing. They need peace and they need joy. We each require down time...special time to do something nice for ourselves.

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Paying Attention

I find it incredibly delicious, to step back and watch life open to me. Any time we step out of our patterns, we are privie to watching life with new eyes.


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A Crystal Ball

Intuition is our connection to the Prime Source within us. It is the little voice inside which gives us a physical response...a hic-up inside, when what is going on or being said outside of ourselves, is not in alignment with what we know to be our truth...the truth from which such intuition springs.

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Peace & Spiritual Warriors

While on my journeys, I have come across a very wide span of beliefs...ideas that are working for people. Some I found too constrictive for me and others were far too broad or “fringie” to work for me. But of all the ideologies to which I was exposed, two stand out in my mind as very strong representatives of truth...and they are, seemingly, in direct opposition to each other. Both seem to make sense.

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