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Random thoughts for 05/05/2016

Random thoughts for the day.

Isn't it interesting that we spend more time worrying about the things that we don't have then the times we spend appreciating what we do have.

Along this same line of thinking, we focus and worry about the things that we can't change in the world instead of spending time appreciating the beauty in the world.

I have noticed that spiritual people,including myself, have a tendency to show a lack of faith in something greater than ourselves. We talk about our higher selves and our spiritual connections but our daily actions reflect a lack of trust. I am the first to raise my hand in agreement. We have  a tendency to allow ourselves to be ego driven not soul driven.

There is a simple solution. Turn over the wheel of your life to your higher power/your soul or for my Christian friends turn over the wheel to Jesus. Then get in the backseat of your limo of life and have some fun. Make all you do fun and play, while you give your future and dreams to your limo driver.

Smile, laugh,love, and play.


Life Purpose

 In the last few days, I have focused my radio show on living one's life purpose. While examining this  subject; on how to find your life purpose and get clarity on your life purpose, I have unturned an important fact.

If one is living their life purpose fully and with passion, all that you've ever wanted and tried to manifest will flow to them. Living in the vibration of your life purpose creates a vibrational connection to  the creative vibrations of the universe. In that state of alignment you create the flow of  all good to you. If it is money, relationships, good health, love, or well being you want; living your  your passionate purpose creates the  environment for manifesting those desires.

Thinking about my own life  and what gave me one of my greatest amounts of satisfaction it was the  opportunities to mentor people in the business world. Watching and assisting others take on responsibilities and find their path was an incredible rewarding for me.

At this stage in my life, after all I have learned and the gifts from Spirit I have developed I am more aware of the purpose I am  passionate about.

My focus going forward is to use all my training and spiritual gifts to inspire, coach, mentor, to assist others find and live their passionate life purpose. More than just finding it, there is also removing any blocks that may have kept you from fully achieving that purpose and identifying where you can best use  purpose. Even when you have identified and are living your purpose you get off track and need to be inspired to take your purpose to the next level. 

I am dedicating my gifts as a Channel: clairvoyance, clairaudience, medium, and Claire cognizance to this purpose. I also have the capacity  to read your past lives, which I find very beneficial in identifying and clarifying your life purpose. Also in my tool bag, to assist you in this quest, is my training as a Hypnotherapist and leading channel meditations.

We are all here to live inspired,playful,and happy lives.

Have more fun!

Have more fun!

Whoever said that you had to take life seriously? One of my favorite movie quotes comes from Mary Poppins, "A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down", to paraphrase the quote. When you leave this lifetime what memories do you want to take with you? The ones where you're having fun and the experiences you look back at and laugh at  or those things you worried about what never happened?

You're never going to solve all the worlds problems, really that's the truth. So why not  spread a little  love, laugh at lot more, appreciate the little things, and hang with people who believe "A little bit sugar makes the medicine go down". Get on the bandwagon and spread love,laughter,and feel good thoughts.That is the kind of epidemic I would love to see and perhaps we will see a better world. At least we will go out laughing our butts off.

Keys to living your purpose

Are you living your life purpose that came with your soul to this life time? Do you feel inspired to live that purpose with no reservations?

The questions we face are: if not, why not? Where is the fear? Why do I hold back from living my dreams? How do I get the inspiration and drive to live my purpose? Then once I get on the path of living my purpose how do I maintain that life pattern? 

Perseverance, self love, and persistence will help you to living your purpose. What is most important before you apply the above mentioned attributes is a deep knowing that this is my purpose. When you start from the place of knowing, the work begins to live that purpose. When that knowing drives you past you all the blocks and fears then you are on your way. Stay inspired! Stay driven! Stay with a deep love of your purpose! Stay full of perseverance and persistence! 

You have much to create and offer humanity, go for it! 

If you need any help getting on the path or staying on the path let me know. My purpose is to help you live a life purpose, love, and happiness. 

Happiness is...

Happiness is…

Woke up this morning thinking about happiness. Watched a short video on the country Bhutan and their national goal of “gross nation happiness”. 

It got me thinking, what are the feelings of happiness?  Contentment, peace, and well-being came to mind as some of the conditions of happiness.

A few days ago I was discussing happiness with a friend of mine. He asked me if I am happy?

The answer I gave was about 80 percent happy. I ask myself why only 80 percent, what is holding be back from 100 percent or at least 90?

I believe our natural state is being happy, but external forces block our being happy. Like in my case worry and fear of the future pulls back on my happiness. It is difficult to be a peace and contented with worry and fear as a mind set. Been a “worry wort” all my life, perhaps this is a good time to stop those traits. 

My thought process went to how to keep those negative thoughts from taking over?  I find myself falling in to the trap of; if I have this much money, find this new place to live, or when a soulmate comes into my life,then I will be happy. The fear and worry about  those exceptions of being happy, floods my mind with negative thoughts. Being a student of the Law of Attraction I should realize that being in the vibration of happiness is when all those desires will flow to me. I know in my consciousness that fear and worry only attracts more things to fear and worry about. 

The question still is, how to get back to the state of being happy even with unfulfilled desires still out there? 

What came back to me are a few steps in maintaining happiness. First I need to trust in the process of manifesting. The Universe is always binging me what I want if stay in vibrational alignment with the “want”. If I get into a positive vibrational place, being happy, the process works. 

Reflecting back on my life, I was able to see examples of how the process worked. When I believed and had a knowing that something would happen, than the outcome I desired manifested.

Next I realized, I most stay in the now, live in the moment, and seek situations that feel good. This is about seeking positive thoughts and actions, laugh a lot, finding joy in what I do have and surrounding myself with like minded people. 

Worry and fear will continue to creep back in. This is a negative world and daily all of us are inundated with fear thoughts. That is where focus comes into play. Mindfulness is so important in staying in the now and positive thoughts patterns. In this meditative state of mindfulness I able capable of washing away fear with positive thoughts. 

That leads into the next point of appreciation.  It is vital for me to continually  be in a state of appreciation, for both the little things and why I want those future things. I do understand the more I appreciate, the more I will get to appreciate. Using thoughts of appreciation in a state of mindfulness realigns my emotional state to a high vibrational place. 

I know I can replace worry and fear with appreciation, trust, focus, and living in the now. In this rediscovered  state of happiness; I know I will attract all that I want and desire, with keeping a high vibrational state of joy, love, and appreciation.

In this brief blog, I have snatched the surface of being happy. In future writing I desire to explore more about being happy and how to get there. 

I share this with you in hopes that if you face some of the same challenges, my thoughts can assist you in at least some small way.

Have some fun.

Do at least one fun thing today that makes you: giggle, laugh, and dance. Then you can look back at the activity and giggle, laugh, and dance again. Do that every day and wow what memories you will have.


Time to blow up your dreams

Time to blow up your dreams, as in blowing up a hot air balloon. Make them so big that they carry you to great heights. Oh yes, drop those sand bags of fear, so you can fly. You got the "right stuff" to fly.

We all have the Divine mandate to fly and live our highest dreams. Take time, sort out your dreams and prepare to fly.