Offering meditations designed for you to achieve success.


Review your future and change the habits from the past.


My mission is about making a difference in the world and your life.

Each one of my services is based on the using the love vibration to create changes that lead to success. 

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Healing meditations-Channeled guidance-Inspiration


Meditations designed for prosperous living.

 I offer Success Coaching using meditations to help you achieve success  oriented thinking.

95 % of your thoughts and beliefs come from the subconscious mind, change those change your life.

I help you discover beliefs, in your subconscious, that limit you from creating a successful life and replace with beliefs that lead to success.

Replace limiting beliefs in:







Spiritual and personal growth

I provide mentoring on developing success business practices, using my over 30 Years in the business world. I use  guided meditation and visualization to help you see your successful future and to remove obstacles to your success.

818 599-1503

Sessions are either $100 for an hour or $60.00 for 30 minutes.

Channeled Success Coaching

For over 30 years I have provided channeled  answers from a spirit group called Sara. They base guidance on the principals of the Law of Attraction and living from unconditional love. 

With their help I have helped thousands of  people with  answers and guidance. 

Relationships -Are you in relationship that nurtures your soul and brings passion in your life? They guide you on how to make your relationships more successful.

Money- Guidance on manifesting  money and financial freedom.

Business- Guidance on the future of your business and potential problems.

Love- How to attract that special love in life? 

Goals- Guidance on knowing and living your life purpose.

Spiritual growth- Advise on raising your vibration and living from your Higher Self

Health issues- not a medical professional but Sara will give you advice on health issues.

Messages from "Dead people" get messages from your ancestors or famous people.

Each session is a $1.50 a minute 

 call or  text 818 599-1503

video sessions on various platforms

Regression Therapy

In many cases what holds back from success is your past and the self limiting beliefs you picked up on our life journey. The beliefs can come from childhood or a past life. 

I would love to help you with a regression meditation that will help you identify those beliefs and change those beliefs to ones that support success.

We can also connect with your ancestors who can give you insights on beneficial changes you can make.

Inspirational thoughts for the day.

If you want love, be love.
If you want to be happy, share kindness and love with others.
If want financial freedom, live your passion.
If you want joy, live a life of fun, play, intimacy, and humor.
If want to be healthy, do all the about and stay positive.

George Gomond

Podcasts to inform, entertain, and inspire.

Enjoy my podcasts at blogtalkradio live or listen to archived shows at the site. They are also available at ITunes under George Gomond Radio show

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